May Ruminations

It was beautiful on the Hood Canal this past weekend with temperatures hitting over 80 degrees.  We had a fine turnout of staff members who will be working the 2012 season; most of the twenty or so that showed up were returning staff but we had several new staff members that rolled up their sleeves and went to work helping get camp ready for the summer.  The boys did some tent platform work, spread gravel in front of the new TP and SMG, built a burn pile with scrap wood from the year's projects and helped clean up some of the program areas by removing downed limbs, etc.  It was nice having them show up and nice to know that they understand what loyalty to their camp means.  We got them all out early the next morning so that they could enjoy their Mother's day with their moms.  Perhaps the only draw back for the staff this weekend was when we lit the burn pile for a big campfire, none of the boys wanted to sing.  I think that is the first time that has ever happened.  Perhaps they will find their voices come this June.

The Eagle Scout Banquet held a few days ago was enjoyable as well.  The two scouts I sponsored were quiet but I think they found the whole program a little overwhelming.  The guest speaker was a gentleman who has circumnavigated the globe twice, single handily.  He also led a crew that sailed all the way around the Americas.  That means through the Northwest Passage as well as the southern cape.  Although his talk was more like a lecture, I found it very interesting but it may have been too long for the boys.  I noticed two of the guys at my table falling asleep during the presentation (luckily they weren't my guys).  This past weekend, Roland was awarded his Eagle Scout award by the Jefferson County Sheriff, Tony Hernandez.  The ceremony was held at the campfire point and well attended.

As far as summer camp goes, we are five weeks away from staff report day.  We have had a few of the selected staff decline their contracts for whatever reason.  It is a shame as some of them were excellent staff members.  However, we have also had some new ones join us as well and it just goes to show that we can usually fill in the positions that we are lacking as we make our way towards the season.  The facility looks great but then having all that sun this weekend helped quite a bit.  The SMG field is beginning to fill in nicely and already needs to be mowed, and once we get the new TP painted in CP Brown it will look like nothing has changed. of those pesky methods we use.