Farewell Pat Lundemo...The Camp Is A Little Quiter Tonight Without You

We learned this afternoon that Patrick Lundemo succumbed to his battle with carcinoid that began in his colon.  Pat had been diagnosed with this disease some time ago but underwent therapy as well as surgeries to battle this illness and still keep working as Camp Ranger at Camp Parsons.  For a period of time, it appeared that he had the upper hand on this disease but over the past year it raised it's ugly head and affected not only his liver but his heart as well.  Pat fought hard but was unable to beat this insidious disease and finally came to peace today.

Pat has been involved in Scouting for most of his life.  He had been a Scoutmaster and Venture Crew leader in Bremerton long before he came to Camp Parsons.  He owned his own plumbing business for years and donated countless hours of his time (and equipment) to Camp Parsons to keep our facilities running.  In 2003 he (what I believe was his goal) became the full time Ranger at Camp Parsons.  During his time at Camp Parsons he was selected as Staff Member of the Year and was promoted to Marmot in the OSM.  He served in this position until 2010 when he received a promotion to run Camp Brinkley.  Pat was often referred to as the "Program Ranger" as he had his hand in program as much as the camp facilities.  Indeed, during one National Camp School that we attended together in California he showed more program enthusiasm than some of the program directors in the course.....much to the chagrin of his fellow rangers.  Pat was a community man, serving an active role as a volunteer firefighter in Brinnon.  His humor, his hard work and his love for scouting will be missed.

Rest in peace Pat Lundemo.....you will never be forgotten.