I Went To A Football Game And A Ping Pong Tournament Broke Out

I love college football, but thank goodness the Husky season is over.  I, like most of my friends did not have high hopes of the Dawgs winning against the 12th ranked Baylor Bears with their Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin......oh yes, the third.  I didn't know there were two other Griffin's out there playing.  He is a great quarterback, but "the third" has to mentioned EVERY time his name is?  Even the announcers were stumbling all over that.  However, I digress.

The Huskies lost, but I think I am OK with that.  Technically, it was a horrible game....back and forth, back and forth, they score, we score, they score, we score..........  I was talking with Adam Desautels during the game and he hit it dead on; the winner of this game is the one in which their defense doesn't make a mistake.  That team was Baylor, shutting down the Husky drive on 4th and 8 with 6 minutes left in the 4th Quarter.  Then they scored, then we had a chance again....only to fumble.  To be honest, this wasn't who had the best team, this was who had the worst defense and I guess we know the answer to that now.  It wasn't all bad, there was an interception and special teams put in a good show.  Keith Price probably played the best game of his season and Chris Polk......well let's just hope he wants one more year (but I doubt it).  I was going to turn the game off in the first quarter (and actually started watching the UW/OSU basketball game) but the second quarter got me back.  I must admit, I did enjoy the game until those last six minutes.....but too much scoring folks, that is not a good thing for either team.  I am not sure how Baylor is number 12 with their defense.

I have no idea how to tie this to Camp Parsons only that I think our boys could tackle better.