Where Are My Directors?

I am very pleased on the way the 2012 staff is beginning to shape up; we have a large number of returning staff members as well as a good number of previous CITs who worked for us last summer.  We also have a number of CP staff "veterans" returning as well which is always good as they bring a little camp history mixed in with "real life" experience with them when they return.  That being said, one thing we do not have are returning directors.

Now this is off the cuff a little bit as we do have a number of last years directors returning however none of them will be returning to their previous roles.  Don't get me wrong, we have selected a variety of different individuals for director roles and we are speculating on others but it is rare that we do not have a percentage of our staff returning to their previous roles.  It is good on one hand as we bring in fresh ideas and new enthusiasm; it is bad on the other hand as we also bring in less camp experience in that role and have to make the "same" mistakes that one makes as they fit into that role.  Neither one of these pros or cons is worse or better than the other, they just add another dimension to developing, training and running a staff.  This challenge is complicated even more by the requirements set forth by national on various operational aspects of each area.  Shooting Sports is a good example; we require two 21 y/o individuals both trained by NCS.  It is hard enough to recruit 21 y/o staff members at the salary we pay, even worse having to send them to a week long training program that really adds nothing to the quality OR safety of the shooting program.....but it is required.  The Aquatics Director has to be as good as any Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and although I like this idea, it should not be required to have that be the determining factor....I can hire teenagers that are trained lifeguards, what I need is someone mature enough to manage a safe beach as well as coordinate a program and maintenance.  Don't need to be a lifeguard to do that......but I have ranted about this before.

Regardless of my concerns, we will be fine, we usually are.  It just seems that every time you think you have a plan for the next few years, a curve ball is sent your way particularly when it comes to leadership.  However as I look back, we never have had an easy hit (well, there was that one time); there is always something that gives us a challenge but out of the blue and unexpectantly we find an opportunity that works out to our advantage and the camp's advantage which in turn works out to the scout's advantage.  Maybe I just need to change this post into a song, "Where have all the Director's gone....long time passing...."  I doubt Peter Seger would agree.

Back to NCAA basketball.........I was gloating about my NCAA picks in a prior post......now I am slowly dropping to the bottom of the list now that Syracuse lost.  That was my last final four pick so I have no more points left but my competition has more.....it is lonely and cold at the bottom, but at least I am not in last place, heh, heh.....  Oh well, I still have the dawgs in the NIT.