Basketball and Things.......

I have mentioned many times before that things have been very busy at work and it is rare to get any substantial time off to do anything.  This past weekend was no different, however I was able to get some relief and have some time to myself to celebrate St. Patrick's day with a few friends.  It was also the beginning of March Madness and we were besieged with games over the weekend, something I enjoyed very much watching; partially because I enjoy tournament season and partially because it doesn't require me to "think".  That is something completely different to my regular job.  Although I am not as savvy as many of my older staff members, I do find it amusing that (so far) I have been on top of our CP bracket picks.  Now, I have no doubt I will fall before the end of the play offs, but for now.....I get to gloat.

Unfortunately, I was not able to make the AWP this past weekend, but from what Ken told me, a fair amount of work was completed including the lights in the new TP.  I felt a little guilty about surrendering camp for a weekend of some revelry however I really wasn't looking forward to a drive through the rain and snow.  I was glad to hear that there was a good turnout and that many projects were completed.

I was able to spend time with some friends and colleagues that I have known for over twenty years now as well as a handful of senior CP staff; some of which still work at camp and several that have moved on.  I find it interesting how easily these younger guys mix well with some of my older friends who are as bitter and cynical as myself (well, in a way they are).  However camp has always attracted quality individuals and that particular characteristic is easily seen and welcomed by others.  Indeed, as I have mentioned before I think this is the key to why we have a successful program.  Quality begins with character and quality is not just a program but a way of life.  These guys care about what they do and who they are and I think that is the ultimate competitive advantage when you compare our program with others.  This is a trait I see in many of my staff members both current and past and I think it is the trait that makes my interaction with staff members enjoyable.

So now I am back to work, happy of having a little bit of a break and currently being on top of the bracket.  That should last to the next round.