It's Just Snow

Give it a is "rain" by any other name; sure, cold and annoying.....but still rain.  All the social media, all the news media, everybody....snow this, snow that, OMG...SNOW!!!!  Look, I know we don't usually see it all the time on the lowlands, but we do see it every other year and whether it is a dusting or 3 feet, everything comes to a grinding halt.  However there is nothing we can do about it.  Why would you spend millions upon millions of dollars on equipment that you will need for only a few days each year?  Suck it up, stay at home unless you have to get out and if you do then take it easy.

A few of us cannot skip work.  Even if I couldn't get to work today, they would have sent someone out to get me.  The good thing for me though was that the roads were generally empty today.  On my way in I saw a few things that brings home the knowledge that there is always one more imbecile in the crowd than you counted on.  As I was heading down a major arterial, there was a guy trying to ride his bicycle on the road, in a lane.  With all four of my wheels going, I was still moving around a little bit sliding here and there.  Nothing too bad, but enough to possibly clip this guy as I went by.  More importantly, by the time I got near him, he had already fallen.....twice.  He would then try to peddle a little before he put both feet on the ground (still straddling the bike) and tippy-toe the ground to keep balance.  Seriously?  He might as well have walked given the rate he was going.  Of course I also noted a picture in the Seattle Times today of a guy on a bicycle on University Ave.  The caption said, "he still keeps going even though he has fallen three times...."  I wonder what would happen if he got hit by a car.  I know, the driver would be cited and the bike enthusiasts in Seattle would rush to the bicyclist defense saying that he had every right to be on the road.  Well, yes he did have the right AND he is also responsible for his actions in the fact that he cannot control his transportation mode as much as the cars cannot.  In snow and ice, two wheels are more risky than four.  The other thing I noticed were all the "big" trucks zipping about.  You know the ones I am talking about, they are usually owned by teenagers or guys in their early 20's.......or guys in their 50's who act like they are teenagers.  Yes, they do have four wheel drive...all four of which slide when you take a corner too fast.  This one guy came too wide and his left front wheel got stuck on the wrong side of the small median dividing north and south lanes.  He went careening down the road until the divider stopped and he was able to regain control of his vehicle.  Thankfully, no one was injured and nothing got hit.

So snow brings out the idiots of the world and throws everyone else into a panic.  Except at camp where there is now a world class sliding hill on the trail formerly known as the Trading Post to Craft Lodge trail.  Not only that, if you can look closely at this picture there is ice forming on the Hood Canal.....brrrrrrrr....can it really be that cold?  Regardless, stop complaining and enjoy it while you can....just be prepared.